California Craft Beer Festivals

If you love beer and enjoy trying new things, then a craft beer festival is something you should attend. A craft beer festival celebrates the art and culture of small independent breweries, often smaller than larger breweries and independently owned. World of beer These festivals are held for one afternoon, a weekend, or sometimes for multiple days.

A microbrewery or craft beer brewery is simply a tiny brewery, usually not more than 10 acres in size, and is generally operated by a select group of dedicated brewmasters. These breweries are often marketed and perceived as having an attitude toward creativity, new flavors, and various brewing processes. Microbreweries can be found all around the world. A microbrew festival is held every June in Washington, D.C., where dozens of different breweries come together and share information about their craft and what it takes to make great beer. California’s Lost Tree Brewing Company, one of the most prominent microbreweries in the country, holds an annual summer event in Santa Barbara.

If you plan to attend a beer festival, you will first need to decide what type of festival you are interested in. There are beer festivals with a national theme, such as a German beer festival, a Belgian one, or an English one, but they are precise in what they celebrate. Most craft beer festivals celebrate the culture and art of small independent breweries, so you may end up visiting ones that focus on one type of cuisine or the other. Each of these is an adventure on its own, so you will want to plan accordingly.

You can begin looking for the right place to go. One of the most popular destinations in the New York State Society’s 6th annual Great American Beer Festival. There is plenty of entertainment and delicious food at this festival, but it is primarily a celebration of craft breweries from across the country. This is a great place to meet fellow beer lovers, learn more about different beers, get advice about where to visit, meet the brewmasters, meet the managers, and try some of the many new brews that are made onsite.

Of course, you cannot ignore a great local beer festival. The OC Craft Beer Festival is held in the beautiful setting of Cerro Gordo Resort in San Diego. It takes place during August and features over fifty different craft beers. There are two ways to attend. First, you can drive into the area and participate in the festival all day long. While you will miss the numerous other events being held throughout the day, you will be able to taste many of your favorite craft beers.

For those who are coming from outside of California, there are many other options for you. You may want to stop at the Russian River Brewing Company for a day of enjoying their delicious beers and shopping. You can also enjoy the many farmer’s markets in the area that feature local breweries. As with the Russian River Brewing Company, you will be able to sample many of the different offerings. Many of these farmer’s markets offer tastings of many different beers as well.

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If you are in Orange County, there are two festivals that you should be aware of. First, the OC Gold Rush Beer Festival is a one-day affair and will feature over forty different craft beers. The second is the OC Craft Beer Fest, which runs for three days. This is a weekend-long event and will allow you to sample many of the same offerings that are featured at the OC Gold Rush. The beer festival offers both live music and tastings of various beers. The live music features local and national acts.

There are numerous hotels in the area that are available for nightlife. You can enjoy several different restaurants and bars as well. If you are coming from out of town, you can find a hotel that offers you a complimentary breakfast, depending on the hotel you stay in. With several days and nights to explore, there is sure to be a craft beer festival, a farmers market, a hot air balloon ride, or a night at the hottest clubs around.